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Back to Talon and Penny rooftop chase, Talon kept a distance and kept going until he saw an open window, he managed to jump through and evade Penny for the moment, he looked around and realized he was in a hotel room and must've enter through the window, he used his device to scanned the entire building and no one was on this floor and must be on the lower levels, now to put his plan of love to work, he went to lock the door that way no one will interfere and now to signal Penny. It was another day at HQ Penny and Gadget were eating some lunch in the mess hall, when chief Quimby appeared with a holo message ball and Gadget played it. Talon made the 1st move, he brought Penny closer to him started kissing her, as he went slowly like he said and he moved from the lips and slowly went to the neck and started sucking. As they were recharging, the new lovers have admit their feelings and also express their love in more ways than one, they agreed to keep their relationship a secret from their uncles and their friends. Just In All Stories: Talon and Penny were now kissing and felt like their hearts were beating as one, the two continued to make out as Penny run her hands through Talon's hair and brought him closer to her. Cute manga doll in cat's ears seduces After getting Penny warmed up, Talon decided to take it to the next level, he began rubbing her womanhood to loosen her up a bit, and Penny threw her head back as Talon did that. Blonde beauty 69s and fucks her male


Miss.R is a BAD BITCH!!!!! Great scence....she wreck him good with her big ass...made the impaler bust at least twice!!!


yo where's the video of her in the flower suit


does she have other videos? damn hot milf.

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